Why We Support HR 2307

Young Voters for a Better Alabama is partnering with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

HR 2307 puts a fee on carbon pollution, creating a level playing field for clean energy. The money collected from fossil fuel companies goes to Americans in the form of a monthly ‘carbon cash back’ payment so that everyone can afford the transition. Here’s why we support this bill:

1) By 2050, this policy could save Alabamians over $6,000 per household. On our current course, the economy is forecast to shrink by up to 7% due to the increased costs of climate change.

2) The bill incentivizes innovation, creating millions of new jobs that will transform our economy. Not to mention, Our businesses can avoid paying Europe’s border tariff and remain internationally competitive.

3) In 2016 alone, Alabama sent 115.7 million metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere. This policy is predicted to save 4.5 million American lives by reducing pollution and improving health.

4) Businesses prefer a carbon price to other climate solutions because they remain financially stable while they adjust their operations, thanks to a predictable and gradually rising price on carbon. They will not lose time or spend extra money trying to understand complicated new regulations and rules and incorporate them into their plans.