HB 107 Update

With bipartisan support, Chairman England’s proposed law to repeal the Habitual Felony Offender Act passed the House Judiciary Committee. Six Republicans voted in favor along with all three Democrats on the committee. Among the Republicans voting yes was Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Hill, who previously served as both a district and circuit court judge in Alabama. Read more about HB 107 here. The following is a specific breakdown of committee votes.

Voted Yes in Committee: Representative Chris England of Tuscaloosa, Representative Jim Hill of Moody, Representative Merika Coleman of Pleasant Grove, Representative Prince Chestnut of Selma, Representative Mike Ball of Madison (2 letters sent), Representative Dickie Drake of Leeds (1 letter sent), Representative Allen Farley of McCalla (8 letters sent), Representative David Faulkner of Mountain Brook (23 letters sent), and Representative Ben Robbins of Sylacauga.

Voted No in Committee: Representative Matt Simpson of Daphne, Representative Tim Wadsworth of Arley, Representative Wes Allen of Troy, Representative Mike Holmes of Wetumpka, and Representative Phillip Pettus of Florence.

In total, YVBA sent 170 letters.

After HB 107’s passage in committee, YVBA and other political coalitions turned their attention to encouraging members of the AL State House of Representatives and the State Senate to support passage of the bill in both chambers of the Legislature. In total, YVBA sent 169 letters.

On May 17, HB 107 functionally failed when the legislative session ended. However, the proposal gained a significant amount of support in comparison to earlier years and will likely be proposed again. Our campaign will continue to build momentum behind the repeal of the HFOA during the next session scheduled for early next year.